EP Aquifer Test In Progress

Aquifer tests are an essential part of the District’s permitting process.  The Board and staff rely heavily on results of these tests to inform permit volumes and conditions.

In the spring, Electro Purification (EP) submitted a test well application to allow them to perform an aquifer test on three wells.  District staff worked with EP to design and plan an aquifer test that meets District guidelines.  The aquifer test will measure responses to abbreviated pumping simulations from the target pumping zone (Middle Trinity–Cow Creek Formation) in surrounding Upper, Middle, and Lower Trinity wells (generalized stratigraphic column showing aquifers and associated formations).  The aquifer test is a collaborative effort between the District and EP and will take two to three months to complete.


Synopsis of aquifer test activities:

EP converted the Odell 1 well into a Lower Glen Rose monitor well.  They have developed and tested Bridges 2.  District and EAA staff have taken several rounds of water quality samples, frequent water level measurements, and have observed key EP testing activities at the test well.

Currently, the Bridges 1 well is being developed and prepared for testing.  Crews are removing the pump assembly from Bridges 2, so it can be installed in Bridges 1.  District staff is in contact with EP contractors and have been onsite frequently to observe activites at the well sites.  Once they begin, the pumping simulation will go for about 5 days.  Water level measurements will be made frequently during the pumping simulation.  Odell 1 will be developed and tested after Thanksgiving. District and EAA staff will continue water quality and water level measurements.

In anticipation of community interest and information requests and to make the aquifer test more transparent to the groundwater community, the District (with EP’s support) has created a Permit Notice: EP Aquifer Test web page with the following the following information:

  • Review process overview for EP test well application
  • Timeline of key application dates
  • Discussion of well development/aquifer testing procedures
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • EP’s approved aquifer test plan

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