Types of Well Permits & Forms

A permit is required for drilling a new Edwards and/or Trinity well in the District. The classification of the permit depends on the type of intended use, area of land, and amount of water that will be pumped. The steps on this page will help you identify the type of permit needed for your well along with the required application materials.

Step 1: See if You’re Located in the District

Outline of a map showing the boundaries of the District from south Austin to south San Marcos

The District is only responsible for permits and wells within our boundary. In our Original Territory, we oversee both the Edwards and Trinity aquifers. In our Shared Territory located further south, we manage the Trinity Aquifer while the Edwards Aquifer Authority oversees the Edwards.


  • If you know your proposed well will be located in the District, continue scrolling to the next section of this page. 
  • If you are interested in a well in the Edwards Aquifer in the Shared Territory, please contact the Edwards Aquifer Authority.
  •  If you are interested in a well in Hays County outside of our territory, please contact Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District. 
  • If you’re unsure if you’re located in the District, click below to use our interactive map. You can enter an address and find out if your well falls within our territory. 

Step 2: Which of the Following Do You Need?

Permit for a New Well

Need a permit to drill a new well in the District? Scroll down to find out what specific type of form you need.

Permit to Plug or Cap a Well

Click on the button relevant to your type of well that needs to be plugged or capped.

Register an Existing Well

Interested in registering an existing well or obtaining a Production Permit? Click below!

Step 3: Narrow Down the Type of Well

From left to right, click on and review the criteria of the tabs below to see which type of well application you need.

Need Additional Assistance?

Contact Erin Swanson, Regulatory Compliance Manager, at eswanson@bseacd.org or Jacob Newton, Regulatory Compliance Specialist, at jnewton@bseacd.org