Drought Information & Resources

The Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District is currently in Stage II Alarm Drought. Drought stages affect permittees in different ways depending on their permit classification. Whether the District is in or out of drought, it’s always important for community members to actively conserve precious groundwater resources. 

Stage II Alarm Drought

The District moved up into Stage II drought on Friday, March 1, 2024 when the Lovelady monitor well cross rose above the 451.7 ft-msl threshold. This chart displays the current drought stage based on values from Barton Springs and Lovelady monitor well, the District’s two drought determinants. Only one of these monitors needs fall below a threshold for a District drought declaration to be made. To exit out of a drought stage, both determinants must exit their respective stage. You can view additional drought information on our Drought Status web page and also on this Monthly Drought Sheet.

Pumpage Reductions

Stage II drought requires all District permittees to implement mandatory measures specified in their User Drought Contingency Plans (UDCPs) to meet monthly pumpage reduction requirements including:

  • 20% for Edwards Historical and Conditional Class A permittees
  • 50% for Edwards Conditional Class B permittees
  • 100% for Edwards Conditional Class C and Class D permittees
  • 20% for Trinity and Alluvial/Austin Chalk Historical permittees

If you need a copy of your UDCP, please contact Erin Swanson at eswanson@bseacd.org. 

Customers served by water utilities on groundwater wells, such as City of Kyle, Creedmoor Maha WSC, and City of Buda, are required to comply with their utility’s restrictions. For additional information, please contact them directly.