Well Owner Resources

General Well Owner Resources and Guidance

Texas Well Owners Network (TWON)
TWON delivers science-based information to help community members maintain their wells and water quality while also protecting public groundwater and aquifer resources. Explore their fact sheets page for a wide array of helpful information. 

Locate a Well

When a new well is drilled, drillers submit a well report that includes the well depth, construction, and date it was drilled. If you are looking for a well record, there are two online resources available to help you locate it. 

Wells Drilled from 2003 – Present

Water Data Interactive – Texas Water Development Board

Wells Drilled before 2003

Historic Well Log Viewer – Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Test Well Water Samples

It’s important to understand and check the quality of water your well is producing. At minimum, it’s recommended to test wells annually for E. coli bacteria and nitrate-nitrogen. If your water suddenly has a change in taste or smell, test your water as soon as possible to help identify the cause of the change and how to resolve the issue. 

While the District hosts well water check ups annually, well owners can get their water tested at anytime at the following local labs:

LCRA Environmental Services Lab

  • 877-362-5272
  • 512-730-6022
  • environmental.lab@lcra.org
  • 3505 Montopolis Drive, Austin, TX 78744
  • Note: Be sure to submit a Sample Request or contact the lab for sampling details and to coordinate bottle pickup and drop-off.

Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center

  • 512-245-2329
  • 601 University Drive 248 Freeman Aquatic Building San Marcos, TX 78666

Aqua-Tech Laboratories

  • 512-301-9559
  • 3512 Montopolis Drive Suite A
  • Austin, TX 78744