Sierra West Drilling Permit

Aqua Texas has an existing permit and well in the neighborhood of Sierra West in on RM 150 in Hays County. They’ve had a production permit with the District since 2016 when the District’s territory expanded to include this area.

Recently, Aqua Texas applied for a drilling permit for a second well in the Sierra West area. Since the community has no other source for water, this additional well is important in case the main well goes down or needs repairs. This drilling permit also authorizes an aquifer test, which would happen after the new well is drilled. While the permit under consideration covers both activities, it would not authorize any additional pumping under the Sierra West permit. Aqua Texas has indicated that they will apply for a permit amendment in the future requesting additional production volume. Data from the aquifer test could be used in support of the future permit amendment application.

The proposed well will be located at the existing Aqua Texas Sierra West distribution plant located at 272 Canna Lily Drive in Driftwood, Texas.

No, this secondary well will only provide water for the Sierra West neighborhood after the permittee applies for a production permit, the permit becomes administratively complete, and following consideration and a decision by the Board of Directors. A public hearing will be conducted for any new production permit with proposed volume of more than 2,000,000 gallons annually.

Aqua Texas has a Historical Trinity Permit for 30 million gallons per year. This makes it a Tier 2 production permit. They have had this permit with the District since 2016.

Initially the well will be used to back up the existing production well at Sierra West. Currently, there is one production well that supplies all of the water to this community. This existing well is aging, and Aqua Texas engineers are interested in conducting some maintenance work on it in the near future. A back up well would be required to ensure the community has water during this process. 
Aqua Texas staff have expressed a possible need to increase the overall production volume of their current permit of 30 million gallons by an additional 6 million gallons for a new permitted annual allotment of 36 million gallons.
If Aqua Texas wants to submit an application for this increase, they will have to provide the District detailed information and rationale for the new increased annual allotted volume. Aqua Texas would be required to follow District rules, and well owners will once again be notified of the activity if their wells are registered and fall within the 1/2 mile preset notification radius.

Notices for drilling authorizations are sent out to registered well owners within a 1/2 mile radius of the proposed site. Well owners who met these requirements received a letter from Aqua Texas earlier in May.

District staff and scientists will work with Aqua Texas to determine which nearby wells should be monitored during aquifer testing, including wells that may fall outside of the required 1/2 mile drilling application notification radius.

We annexed the Shared Territory in 2015, which include south Hays County. The District will have records for any well drilled after 2015. If you have a well that was drilled prior to 2015, you will have had to register it directly with the District. To find out if your well is registered, you can email

You can visit to register your well.

Not necessarily. Registering a well simply creates a record with the District that the well exists. It ensures you get information about new permits that could impact your well.

No. Only permitted wells are required to have a meter.

You can access your records and find instructions to do so here.

To submit a comment about this permit, please submit a written comment by USPS mail or emailing it to . Comments can also be dropped off at the District office located at 1124 Regal Row in Austin, Texas. To file a formal protest please see District Rule 4-9.13.(B) in our Rules and Bylaws.