Press Release: Proposed Rule Changes in Response to Annexation

For Immediate Release:  Friday, June 26, 2015
For more information, contact: Robin Gary, Senior Public Information and Education Coordinator, (512) 282-8441 or

Aquifer District Proposes Rule Changes in Response to Hays County Trinity Aquifer Annexation

At last night’s Board Meeting, the Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District Board initiated a formal rule-making process in response to the annexation of the unregulated portion of the Trinity Aquifer in Hays County.  HB3405 officially became law on June 19, 2015.

The newly proposed rules set the groundwork for Trinity Aquifer management in the annexed area of Hays County prescribed by the Texas Legislature in HB3405 and in the current boundaries.  Proposed rule changes:   establish a temporary permit for nonexempt wells in the annexation area, establish a process to transition from temporary to regular permits, clarify exempt/nonexempt well criteria, and  specify temporary and regular permit terms and conditions.

“These rule changes will bring our Rules and Bylaws up to standards established by HB3405,” states John Dupnik, General Manager.  “This is a narrowly focused set of rule changes that will clarify which wells are exempt from permitting, provide the framework for a permitting process that allows nonexempt well owners to continue to operate under a temporary permit, and establish the path to smoothly transition into a regular permit in an equitable, fair, and timely manner. This annexation is a massive undertaking for us.  This rule change will help us welcome all new well owners and permittees to a transparent, unbiased, science-based management structure.”

A statutory 20-day notice period has just begun, and the District Board will hold a public hearing on the proposed changes to the Rules on July 16, 2015. The proposed changes in markup form may be viewed on the District website at, or are available for inspection and copying at the District’s office.  Written comments can be emailed, faxed, or mailed and will be accepted until July 9th. Oral comments can be made at the public hearing.  For more information, please contact the District office at or (512) 282-8441.

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BSEACD is a groundwater conservation district charged by the Texas Legislature to preserve, conserve, and protect the aquifers and groundwater resources within its jurisdiction, which includes parts of three central Texas counties.  It is governed by a Board of five elected directors and staffed with hydrogeologists, groundwater regulatory compliance specialists, environmental educators, geospatial systems specialists, and administrative support personnel.