Groundwater Management Zone 9 (GMA-9) is a collaboration of groundwater conservation districts that manage portions of the Trinity Aquifer.  As part of a regional groundwater planning process that helps inform the State’s Water Plan, one of GMA-9’s tasks is to reach consensus on a Desired Future Condition (DFC) for the Trinity Aquifer.

Planning ProcessThe DFC has been a recent topic of discussion, and it helps to understand that the DFC is a regional planning tool that doesn’t supersede or take the place of local groundwater management put in place by local elected officials through groundwater conservation districts.  The individual Districts’ tailor their Rules and Bylaws to effectively manage and protect the local groundwater resources, and don’t have to rely on the DFC for more than a planning tool.

That said, the GMA-9 has started the public hearing process for the DFCs and non-relevant aquifer designations.  The public comment period extends through Thurs., Dec. 31, 2015.  The BSEACD Board voted for the DFCs and non-relevant aquifer designations.  The BSEACD Rules currently use management zones to protect sensitive portions of the District.

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