GMA 10 Proposed DFCs

Groundwater Management Area (GMA) 10 Proposed Desired Future Conditions (DFCs)

The Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District collaborates with other groundwater conservation districts to establish DFCs for shared aquifers in GMA-10.  As part of this process, each district will hold a public hearing regarding the proposed DFCs.  The DFCs represent average conditions to be achieved over the aquifers as a whole.

In accordance with Texas Water Code Chapter 36.108(d-2), during an Open Meeting held on March 14, 2016, GMA-10 voted and approved for distribution a set of proposed DFCs for GMA-10 regional groundwater planning purposes.  GMA 10 has proposed that the public comment period extend from Friday, March 18, 2015 through Thursday, June 20, 2016, a total of 92 days.

During the public comment period and after posting notice as required by Section 36.063, each District shall hold a public hearing on any proposed Desired Future Conditions relevant to that District.  During the public comment period, the District shall make available in its office a copy of the proposed desired future conditions and any supporting materials, such as the documentation of factors considered under Chapter 36.108(d) and groundwater availability model run results.  After the public hearing, the District shall compile for consideration at the next joint planning meeting a summary of relevant comments received, any suggested revisions to the proposed desired future conditions, and the basis for the revisions.

Supporting Documents