Public Hearing: 14 Temp Permits Admin Complete for Conversion

Public Hearing

The Barton Springs/ Edwards Aquifer Conservation District’s (District) territory was expanded on June 19, 2015 through the passage of H.B. 3405.  This act requires all nonexempt, non-Edwards wells to be permitted and the act provides a three-month period to apply for a Temporary Permit, which expired on September 19, 2015. The Temporary Permits provide well owners with an interim authorization to operate a well prior to conversion to a Regular Historical Production Permit.  Temporary Permits were issued in September/October of 2015 and as of March 17, 2016, the applications for conversion to a Regular Permit listed below have been deemed administratively complete by District staff.

The General Manager has made a preliminary decision that the permit applications identified below satisfy all District requirements for issuance of a Regular Historical Production Permit and recommends approval by the Board of Directors (Board) of the requested annual permit volumes for continued groundwater production for the existing use.  If approved by the Board, the permittees will be required to comply with the drought curtailments and all other applicable provisions of a Historical Production Permit.

This notice is given that a consolidated Public Hearing by the Board will be held at the District office located at 1124 Regal Row, Austin, Texas, during its Regular Meeting on Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 6:15 p.m.  Following the hearing, the Board may consider possible action to approve some or all of the permit applications listed below.  Publication of this notice begins a 20-day public response period for which comments, written formal protests, and requests for contested case hearing will be considered by the District until 4/26/16.

The Board may grant a contested case hearing on an application if a written request is filed within 20 days after the publication date of this notice.  Parties interested in requesting and formally participating in a contested case hearing on an application should refer to and file such requests pursuant to District Rule 4-9.13 related to protests and requests for contested case hearings.  The Board may not consider requests that fail to follow the requirements of Rule 4-9.13.  Note that a party requesting that the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) conduct the hearing shall pay all costs associated with the contract for a SOAH hearing and will be required to deposit with the District an amount determined by the District to pay the SOAH contract amount.

The applications may be reviewed at the District Offices. For further information, please contact the District, 1124 Regal Row, Austin, Texas 78748, (512) 282-8441,

Temp Permit Conversion Table


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