RFQ: Master Services Contracts


Deadline for submission:  July 8, 2016, must be received by 5:00 pm
(Download a pdf of the full details)

The Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District (District) is soliciting statements of interest and qualifications (SOQ) for assisting the District in various tasks that are required from time to time, usually on a quick-response basis.  The intent of this solicitation is to define a list of approved vendors/entities to be available to perform services and possibly enter into future indefinite quantity/indefinite delivery contracts (IDQ/IDD) in several specified areas of support, identified below.

No minimum level of contracted support is guaranteed under the IDQ/IDD contracts.  The District will assign tasks between/among the selected IDQ/IDD contractors at its own discretion and as needed.  The District reserves the right to contract with other parties for services in these areas without limitation, but that typically are: (a) planned well in advance, for example, as part of a grant project; (b) are substantially larger levels of effort and/or longer in duration than task orders under the IDQ/IDD; (c) are continuing in nature; (d) legal services; (e) special database or web design services: and/or (f) are otherwise beneficial to the District.

General areas of support for which qualifications are solicited are:

  1. Professional Engineering Services
  2. Hydrogeological and Geotechnical Services
  3. Information Technology (website, database)
  4. Education, Community Outreach, and Public Relations
  5. Environmental/Ecological Services
  6. General Contracting
  7. General Management, Administration, and Legal Services

Specific tasks that might be conducted under each of these general areas, provided here only as examples and not as an exclusive specification, are:

  1. Professional Engineering Services (task examples) 
  • Evaluation of public water supply systems for compliance with District Rules.
  • Assessment of wastewater impacts on streams and the Edwards Aquifer.
  • Feasibility assessment and preliminary design and cost estimates of engineered structures and facilities.
  • Water and wastewater, including direct and indirect use, and infrastructure.


  1. Hydrogeological and Geotechnical Services
  • Assistance with saline zone policy and rule development.
  • Analysis of potential for desalination or aquifer storage and recovery (ASR).
  • Numerical Modeling.
  • Aquifer Test Analyses.
  • Geophysical Well Logging.
  • Well Drilling and Rehabilitation.
  • Well and Pump Service Work.
  • Surface Water Hydrology.


  1. Information Technology 
  • Database Enhancement.
  • Restructuring or redesign of website.
  • Updates to website and its functionality.
  • Conversion of District publications to various electronic formats.
  • Technical Editing.


  1. Education, Community Outreach, and Public Relations
  • Translation of District documents into Spanish.
  • Preparation of education material for groundwater protection and conservation.
  • Support for field trips and/or outreach events.


  1. Environmental/Ecological Services
  • Studies of Impacts to Endangered Species.
  • Studies of Contaminant Transport.
  • HCP Consulting.
  • Karst and Caves Hydrology and Biology.


  1. General Contracting
  • Non-routine maintenance/repair/remodel services.
  • Construction of instrument enclosures.
  • Drill site preparation.
  • Maintenance of gravel/dirt access roads.


  1. General Management, Administration, and Legal Services
  • Legal Review, Third-party Representation.
  • Implementation of Quickbooks Adjustments/Special Services.
  • Management Consulting.
  • Human Resources Conflict Resources/Mediation.
  • Personnel Issues.
  • Management Plan Consulting.


Please submit a brief SOQ to the District by close of business on July 8, 2016, including similar project-based experience, individual staff experience, and the billing rates for positions/labor categories that might be involved in doing such work.  Vendors/entities currently under contract may submit a confirmation of continued interest in providing future services to the District along with an updated SOQ.   Please limit this brief statement to two pages or less.  A standard company flyer or brochure or personal resume may be attached to the statement.  A link to a web page with qualifications clearly stated may be included.  The SOQ of any one offeror may address more than one general support area, but each should be presented and be capable of being evaluated in a stand-alone fashion. An SOQ may also be submitted that addresses only a delimited subset of services for which an offeror wants to be considered in one of the specified general areas of support; the offeror should characterize the types of services for which it wants to be considered.


The District intends to complete and finalize this list of vendors/entities and make available for Board approval at the first available Board Meeting.

SOQs may be sent to:

Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District
Attn: IDQ/IDD Solicitation
1124 Regal Row
Austin, TX 78748

Or electronically to:

Subject line of email should include “SOQ” and company name.

Any questions about this solicitation should be submitted in writing and electronically to dana@bseacd.org.  The District in its sole discretion may choose to respond only to the questioning entity or to post such questions and response to be available to all potential offerors, e.g., via the District website.