Regional Geologic Geodatabase Project, Central Texas

Topic: Geologic Mapping and Aquifer Characterization
Source: BSEACD
Format: Data Series
Year: 2018

Geologic data are used by hydrogeologists to develop a better understanding of aquifers. Geophysical logs, driller’s and cuttings logs, and outcrops provide valuable information about aquifer characteristics and can be used in combination with other geologic data to characterize groundwater resources. The purpose of this project was to build a geodatabase of geologic control points that provide information on the location and elevation of the tops of geologic formations in central Texas. This report documents the methods and source data for this project. Tasks included compiling geologic data, QA/QC of existing data, scanning logs, and assigning key attributes for each control point and log, such as unique identification and formation top depths. The resulting geodatabase contains data from over 500 geophysical logs and will be used to develop a more complete understanding of the geology and hydrogeology of the Trinity and Edwards Aquifers.