Residential Limited Production Permitted Wells: Meter Readings Due Between Aug. 15 – Sept. 5

Residential well owners with a Limited Production Permit (LPP) are required to submit an annual meter reading to the District between August 15 – September 5. Email reminders with links to the online meter reading form ( are being sent to the email on file. Please update owner contact information and/of notify the District of any change in ownership.
Reporting annual groundwater pumpage is essential in our mission to manage and preserve all aquifers in the District. It is important that we maintain accurate permittee information in order for us to serve our groundwater community and allow us to continue to provide notification of potential groundwater contamination, drought status, and District news updates.
For further information or if you have any questions about your LPP well, please feel free to contact Erin Swanson by phone or email at (512) 282-8441 or For help reading your meter, please visit the District’s meter readings web page (…). The District’s Well Owner Resource page ( also has useful information on well components, leak detection, and outdoor water conservation.