Barton Springs and Lovelady Check – Sept. 14, 2021

Barton Springs and the Loveday Well are the district’s two drought triggers. Both remain above the Stage II drought threshold, but both continue to be on a DOWNWARD trend. We are keeping a close eye on both, but in the meantime do your part to conserve!
Sept. 14, 2021 – Barton Springs remains above the Stage II Alarm Drought Threshold of 38 cfs (cubic feet per second). It is currently at 58.2 cfs.
Sept. 14, 2021 – The water level in the Lovelady Well remains above Stage II Drought Threshold of 478 ft msl (feet above mean sea level). It is currently at about 487.5 msl.
Follow our website for the latest levels at Lovelady and Barton Springs.
As a reminder, May through September is the District’s Water Conservation Period. Austin Water Utility restricts outdoor watering to no more than twice per week, and the Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District initiates a voluntary 10% reduction in groundwater pumping by its permittees. Though the approaches are different, the goal is the same—to prolong water availability throughout the hottest and driest portion of the year.