Multiport Monitor Well Installation In Hays County

The District recently completed installing a multiport monitor well in Hays County in the Jacob’s Well area. Data from this well help us monitor the Middle and Lower Trinity Aquifers. You can watch the video in the link below.

Multiport Monitor Well Installation VIDEO

Funding for the project came from Hays County, Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District, and BSEACD. We were given access to the property for the multiport well by Wimberley Valley Watershed Association. Hays County is giving us access to a site in Jacob’s Well Natural Area for another monitor well that will be installed in April.

We have six other multiport monitoring wells throughout the District that provide us with an abundance of information on what’s happening with the Edwards and Trinity Aquifers. Components for these multiport wells are provided by Westbay Instruments of Vancouver, Canada.

The Edwards and Trinity Aquifers are significant sources of water for industrial and agricultural use, for ecological resources, and are the sole sources of water for many people in Central Texas. That is why it is important for the District to monitor and understand the hydraulic relationship between the two aquifers.