Outdoor Conservation Tips

Outdoor conservation helps extend water supplies and can be as easy as fixing leaks and choosing water conscious ways to do things. Here are simple, easy steps to lessen your outdoor water footprint.
💧Perform a yearly home irrigation audit to fine-tune your irrigation system.
💧Fix all leaky faucets, pipes, hoses, and sprinklers. Leaks (even slow, quiet ones) can waste hundreds of gallons every month.
💧Remove or pare down your turf grass and instead install native or adapted plants. They are suited to the climate of your area, and Texas natives generally need less water to thrive.
💧If you water with a sprinkler system, make sure to audit your system regularly for leaks. In addition, install water-conserving devices like a rain shut-off device, soil sensors, or drip irrigation for your garden beds.
💧Cover swimming pools to reduce evaporation when not in use, only refill when needed, and check regularly for cracks or leaks.
💧Sweep sidewalks and driveways with a broom instead of using a hose.
💧Use a spray nozzle on your hose with a shut-off valve to cut down on water waste.