The Aquifer Zone Newsletter

Check out the latest issue of “The Aquifer Zone” newsletter. It includes information on the latest drought status, a message from General Manager Dr. Timothy T. Loftus, Ph.D, Aquatic Science Adventure Camp Scholarship winners, and more!

The Aquifer Zone Newsletter – Spring 2022

  • Message From General Manager
  • Drought and Aquifer Status Update
  • Water Conservation Period
  • Drought Status for Area Municipalities
    New Director Precinct Boundaries
  • Multiport Monitor Well Installation
  • 2022 Kent S. Butler Groundwater Stewardship Essay Contest
  • Aquatic Science Adventure Camp Winners
  • Dye Tracing Study
  • How to Check the District’s Drought Status
  • BSEACD Snap Shots
  • District Meetings
  • Social Media Channels
  • BSEACD Newsroom