Barton Springs and Lovelady Level Check – July 19, 2022

Here are the latest level checks for Barton Springs and the Lovelady Well. Both Barton Springs and Lovelady levels are on a steady decline. Currently, the District remains in Stage II Alarm Drought. With lack of rainfall, drought conditions continue to worsen here in Central Texas and across the state. We could end up declaring Stage III Critical Drought in the coming weeks if the situation does not improve. Conservation is more important than ever!
July 19, 2022 – Barton Springs is at 27.9 cfs (cubic feet per second). The USGS continue to make discharge measurements at Barton Springs to ensure accurate stage-discharge real-time reporting. Stage III Critical Drought Trigger goes into effect when Barton Springs flow falls below 20 cfs.
July 19, 2022 – The water level in the Lovelady Well is currently at 470.0 ft msl (feet above mean sea level). Stage III Critical Drought Trigger goes into effect when Lovelady water level falls below 462.7 ft msl.
In the summer months, outdoor water use is significantly higher and can account for 60% or more of home water use. Planting native or drought-tolerant landscapes, mulching, and using compost can substantially reduce the amount of irrigation water required to keep plants healthy. Making sure your irrigation system is functioning at peak efficiency and replacing leaking gaskets and hoses can help conserve water. Installing a rain barrel or rainwater harvesting system can make an even bigger impact in reducing overall water use.
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