Early April Rain and More in the Forecast!

Last week (4/6 – 4/7) an average of 2.2 inches fell across the District to put the month of April above its historical average (2.1 inches). This is the first above-average month since November 2022 and the first of 2023 – and there is more rain in the forecast!

Area creeks including Onion and Slaughter saw a little flow – nothing above 6 cubic feet per second (cfs) – while Barton creek at Lost Creek peaked at 76cfs and Bear creek near Driftwood peaked at 182cfs crossing the recharge zone. Barton Springs flow peaked at 40.4cfs (up from 23cfs). Lovelady monitor well has not yet shown an increase in water level as is expected (diffuse aquifer flow usually has a delayed response in contrast with conduit flow like Barton Springs).

Jacob’s Well spring bumped up 2.5cfs (up from 0.0cfs). The Blanco river at Wimberley saw a short lived peak of 32cfs (up from 7cfs).

These peak flows didn’t last long, but with more rain to come and the soil moisture more conducive to runoff we can hope to see even more flow/recharge.


Rainfall winner, runner up and last place:

Buda-Antioch: 2.64 inches

Camp Mabry: 2.52 inches

District Office (Menchaca) & western San Marcos: 1.50 inches