Well Registration

Community members are encouraged to register all wells within the District’s territory. Doing so is free and ensures well owners receive information in a timely manner regarding new wells in the area, contamination events, and more. 

Benefits of Registering Your Well

No fee, no meter
Existing exempt domestic and livestock wells in good condition do not have any other requirements beyond well registration.

Protect your well
Registered well owners within a 1/2 mile (and up to 2 miles for larger proposed projects) of a proposed nonexempt well will be notified and may be monitored for unreasonable interference during aquifer tests.

Receive notices
Registered well owners will be notified in the event of a spill, water quality issue, or water level decline due to drought or an adjacent pumping Center. 

Participate in District programs
The District hosts an annual water checkup, scholarship contests, and various informational events. 

Determine Which Conservation District You’re in

Check this interactive map to determine if you are located in District’s jurisdiction (blue and green areas are in District).  If you are not in the blue or green area, then you may be located within the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District jurisdiction. Well owners in their district should register their wells here.

If you’re in our District, go ahead and use the link below to register your well.