Q – Would drought or high water levels bias aquifer test results?

A  – Aquifer tests measure aquifer characteristics (like porosity and permeability) that do not change whether we’re in drought or high water level situations.  The aquifer test measures the effect on water levels and the response of the aquifer to pumping. The measured response can be used to calculate the aquifer parameters that will enable the District to run predicative simulations to assess the projected effects under all conditions including drought.


Q – Will recent rains or recharge affect aquifer test results?

A – According to continuously recording monitor wells in the area, water levels are going up in response to recent rains (recharge).  The current trend in water levels is a factor that the hydrogeologists account for when they analyze the aquifer test results.


Summary – In short, aquifer tests measures characteristics that don’t change over time.  Monitor wells help define water level highs and lows and rates of natural water level change happening at the time of the aquifer test.  And the model leverages all those data to examine the effects of different levels of pumping over time.

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