Habitat Conservation Plan update

On February 8, 2018, the District Board of Directors unanimously approved the District’s responses to all public comments on the Draft HCP and their incorporation into the Final HCP.  The Final HCP represents the culmination of many years of work by directors, staff, and stakeholders to protect endangered salamanders that make the Barton Springs Aquifer their home while also protecting the groundwater supply of tens of thousands of users and the private property rights of all landowners in the District.  The US Fish and Wildlife Service will make a final review of the District HCP, to ensure that as expected it meets its regulatory and statutory requirements, and it will also now finalize its Environmental Impact Statement that will be based on the Final HCP.  The Response to Comments, the Final HCP, and a brief summary of the changes made between the Draft and Final HCPs are available on the HCP page of the District website:  https://bseacd.org/projects/habitat-conservation-plan/