March 2018 Potentiometric Map of the Middle Trinity Aquifer, Central Texas

Topic: Groundwater Tracing and Groundwater Flow Studies
Source: BSEACD
Format: Report of Investigations
Year: 2019

The Middle Trinity Aquifer is the primary groundwater resource for the central and western portions of Hays County. Groundwater levels and potentiometric surface maps provide critical information about the hydrologic relationships of recharge, discharge, and storage within an aquifer, and the direction of groundwater flow.

This report provides a potentiometric map of the Middle Trinity Aquifer for March 2018 and documents the data used to generate the map. The purpose of the report is to provide potentiometric data for future hydrogeologic investigations and evaluations of water resources. The potentiometric map and data will be useful for computer modeling, sustainable yield determinations, aquifer characterization, and resource protection.